• Amanda Ciliberti

3 Reasons to Use Mineral Makeup

1. Customizable Coverage

One of the most convenient features of mineral makeup is that it can be applied in layers in order to achieve desired coverage. This means two things. One, you only need one product for concealer, powder, and foundation. Two, it is possible to apply the product heavier in problem areas and lighter in other areas. This means you do not have to wear a full face of heavy makeup in order to cover only a few flaws. 

2. Light Adaptation

Mineral makeup allows light to pass through the make up. When this happens it is then reflected back through the minerals picking up hues from your own skin tone. This effect makes mineral makeup adaptive to your skin tone and also adaptive to the lighting you are experiencing. This means you do not have to change make up or application techniques based on lighting. Mineral makeup is a great option for weddings and special events. It is also an amazing option for those on stage or on camera. 

3. Complexion Improving Ingredients

As an esthetician, I only recommend mineral makeup because it contains healthy ingredients for the skin. Many of the minerals themselves have properties that benefit the skin. The base of many mineral makeup foundations is compromised of a zinc or titanium dioxide. These minerals contain natural anti inflammatory properties as well as natural SPF protection. In liquid mineral makeup many ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin e, and jojoba oil nourish the skin. I almost think of mineral makeup as the last layer of skin care in my morning routine. 

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