• Amanda Ciliberti

Let's Talk About TEWL

First off, TEWL stands for transepideral water loss. What does that mean? It is the process that happens when the skin loses water faster than it can replenish it. This typically happens in dry environments like the desert we live in here in Arizona. It can however happen by the cause of improper use of products and sometimes as a result of medication.

In many cases TEWL leads to dehydration and impairment of the barrier function of our skin. These two issues are often the underlying cause of dryness, sensitivity, signs of aging, combination skin, and even breakouts! It is important to prevent this issue from happening in order for the skin th remain balanced.

How to prevent TEWL

1. Drink water to hydrate from within

2. Use hydration serums and/or moisturizer daily to protect skin

3. Avoid using harsh drying products, like foaming cleansers (especially in AZ)

4. Make sure you are using advanced corrective products like retinol correctly.

What to do if your skin is experiencing TEWL?

1. Remove exfoliation products from your regimen until the ski has time to recover.

2. Avoid cleansers for a few days. Just use water

3. Make sure you are moisturizing at least 2x per day.

4. Give your skin some time to recover, usually a few days.

5. In extreme cases, use a hydrocortisone cream for a few days to help the healing process.

My favorite products for this issue:

Skin Script Cucumber Hydration Toner

PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

ISUN Soothing Relief Mask

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